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"Ambitious and sprawling, this compelling book delivers critiques of American institutions, from family and education to law enforcement and criminal organizations. Romagnoli is adept at dislocating the reader within a real-but-unfamiliar world, as in the tale’s opening scene: a tree full of hanging dogs, some living and some dead.”— Kirkus Reviews

"As a playwright of ideas, Romagnoli is right up there with Stoppard."
                                                                                               Huffington Post 

Playwright Cahuita
Playwright Cahuita

"Romagnoli is the Lester Young of writers; his virtuosity feels effortless."

                            Kate Christensen, winner of the 2008 PEN/Faulkner Award


"Ghetto Dogs is both a terrific read and a literary achievement, moving with ease and authenticity through the chronic clash and sudden concords of white and African-American culture."

     Mark Caldwell, author of New York Night: The Mystique and Its History


"His gritty realistic style does for millennial novel writing about the  'hood' what the Ashcan school of painting contributed in its portrayal of an earlier era of New York street life."

                                                           Francis Levy, author of Seven Days in Rio


Playwright Cahuita
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